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Meet General Practitioner Dr Jeremy Nolan

Before COVID-19, Dr Jeremy Nolan would spend his free time training for, and competing in, marathons after discovering a love of running, prompted by a desire to maintain his fitness as he got older. These days, with marathons limited due to COVID, Dr Nolan is more committed than ever to promoting the benefits to men of staying fit and eating well.

A proud father of four, who currently enjoys Billie Eilish’s music due to the influence of his kids, Dr Nolan has brought his extensive rural experience and passion for preventative health and nutrition to his interactions with his patients at The Banyans Medical Centre in Bowen Hills.

Experienced GP

With more than 25 years of Rural Generalist GP experience in Queensland, including stints in North Queensland, Charleville, Dysart and 10 years in Goondiwindi, Dr Nolan has a well honed understanding of the needs of his patients.

His love of running – and exercise in general – has piqued his interest in sports nutrition for people of every age, including those who are new to regular exercise and those who are managing injuries.

A GP for Men’s Health

Moving to Brisbane in 2019 with his wife and four children, three of whom are in high school with busy extracurricular lives, Dr Nolan’s passion for men’s health developed organically as he found himself increasingly time-poor and wanting to know how best to maintain his own health and wellbeing.

“Maintaining good health and energy levels is so important as we grow older,” says Dr Nolan. “There is finite time in the day to fit everything in and it’s a balancing act to keep active and avoid injuries whilst doing all the other stuff we need to do.”


In so many aspects of life, nutrition and exercise
are key and prevention is always better than cure.


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health services, such as general practice.

Men’s Nutrition

Dr Nolan is committed to encouraging men to maintain their own physical health and wellbeing, with annual general check ups and skin checks an important part of his GP role at The Banyans Medical Centre.

“Men, in particular, tend to overlook their own health and ignore symptoms and put off seeing their GPs when it’s needed. Ideally, we should all see our GP at least once a year for a check up, just like we do with our cars. If we have specific health issues, like diabetes or heart conditions for example, we should make those reviews more regular,” says Dr Nolan.


It is a more effective, long-term approach to healthcare
for a GP to work alongside
physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists.


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Why join The Banyans team? 

It was the holistic, integrated team approach that attracted Dr Nolan to The Banyans Medical Centre, as well as the food from The Banyans’ café Wholesome and Bean, which is situated next to the The Banyans Medical Centre .

“I enjoy the team approach to a patient’s health, with the patient at the centre of the team,” he says.

Dr Nolan loves a good crime novel (Rebus or Bosch, depending on whether he feels like escaping to Edinburgh or LA) and he is slowly working his way through some of the classics. Hemingway is his current favourite. And while Billie Eilish is a current favourite when it comes to music, she hasn’t yet displaced long-term favourites Bruce Springsteen and Billy Bragg.

Dr Jeremy Nolan MBBS FRACGP Grad Dip Rural GP DRANZCOG 

Bowen Hills GP

Dr Jeremy Nolan