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Angelica Katada

Angelica Katada

Registered Nurse


Angelica has worked as a nurse for four years, gaining experience in general practice and skin cancer clinics during this time. She¬† brings diverse experience to her role at The Banyans Medical Centre after working in one of Brisbane’s mass COVID-19 vaccination clinics and having assisted with advanced skin cancer surgeries as a scrub nurse. She also has experience with childhood immunisations and the implementation of health care plans.

Angelica believes her role at The Banyans Medical Centre will allow her to contribute to a leading health organisation. She loves being part of a team and knowing she is making a difference. As a nurse, Angelica says she has the opportunity to empower patients and their families through the provision of knowledge. She also enjoys training new nurses and believes the impact of peer learning is immeasurable. She loves seeing a nurse that she helped to train start to thrive on his or her own.

In her free time, Angelica enjoys hiking and climbing.