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The Banyans Medical Centre and Specialist Clinics


The Banyans Medical Centre offers medical practitioners the freedom to practise medicine without needing to manage the practice. We understand healthcare so we know that to do your job easily, you need a leading and knowledgeable practice manager along with trustworthy and efficient receptionists. We also know that you need uninterrupted access to all essential medical equipment and secure IT systems. We work with our practitioners to understand how they want their clinics to run and we are committed to organising efficient patient bookings.

The Banyans Medical Centre is based on a culture of collaboration, peer support, and a commitment to ongoing medical education to ensure the best outcomes for our patients, staff, and medical practitioners. Our supportive environment will provide the opportunity for cross referrals with the added advantage of a pharmacy, pathology clinic, radiology clinic, and other specialist practices co-located at Bowen Hills.

Our philosophy is to help people to live life well. This extends to our medical practitioners. We offer onsite parking, external IT access, and chef-prepared nutritious meals based on individual dietary requirements for a small fee.  We are committed to relieving some of the time pressures you face so you can concentrate on treating your patients.

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