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Our Specialist Team

The Banyans Specialist Clinics provides care across various specialties, including addiction medicine, allied health, and pelvic floor medicine.


Addiction Sciences Queensland

Dr Christian Rowan

Specialist Physician | Addiction Medicine
Dr Rowan is an Addiction Medicine Specialist with more than two decades...

Dr James Finn

Specialist Physician | Addiction Medicine
Dr James Finn is an Addiction Medicine Specialist, who joined Addiction Sciences...

Jane Rowan

Chief Operations Officer
Jane has worked in Addiction Medicine for more than 13 years. She...

Jenni Craddock

Case Manager
Jenni has a background in customer service management and interior design where...

Zoe King

Addiction Medicine Receptionist
Zoe is the receptionist dedicated to assisting Addiction Sciences Queensland's patients.

Allied Health Team

Peter Hayton

Senior Psychologist
Peter is a Senior Psychologist and has worked for over two decades...
Dr Suzie Harte brings more than 30 years’ experience as a health...