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Dr Ruth Crowther

Dr Ruth Crowther


Dr Crowther is originally from the North-West of England where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed by the award of two subsequent NHS training fellowships to support the completion of her postgraduate qualifications. During her postgraduate study she specialised in psychosocial interventions for people with severe mental illness, publishing widely in this area. Dr Crowther has worked for over 25 years in the areas of Public Health and Psychology, more recently reducing her academic workload in favour of spending more time working with people both individually and in group settings.

Her work as a practitioner is complimented by her academic work in the area of digital mental health tools as additional treatment options. She combines both person-centred, action-oriented therapeutic interventions with evidence-based online tools where appropriate to enhance outcomes of those she works with. She has received training in a range of therapeutic interventions, adopting an integrative perspective to recovery or enhancement of wellbeing, including incorporation (where possible) of her special interest in the use of nature-based therapies and how our natural environment can help support calming of the mind and body. Ruth is often to be found in nature, whether that be running her dogs, digging in the garden or travelling to as many places as she can with her family.