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Jenni Craddock

Jenni Craddock

Case Manager

BA (Literature and Cultural Studies),  BBltEnv (Interior Design)

Jenni has a background in customer service management and interior design where she acquired skills that allowed her to effectively utilise a hands-on approach to find purposeful solutions for clients in different environments.

Looking to further interact with others on a more interpersonal level, Jenni joined Addiction Sciences Queensland in 2012, where she has worked as both a Medical Receptionist and a Case Manager for more than 120 patients on the Queensland Opioid Treatment Program. With an ongoing interest in addiction medicine, she enjoys being part of a team supporting others with substance dependency and their recovery.

Jenni completed her Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Literature and Cultural Studies) degree at the University of Queensland, and Bachelor of Built Environment (Major in Interior Design) degree at Queensland University of Technology.