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Dr Suzie Harte

Dr Suzie Harte


PhD, BSc (Hons Dietetics), BSc (Hons Comp Sci), RGN

Dr Suzie Harte brings more than 30 years’ experience as a health professional and accredited practising dietitian to The Banyans Medical Centre and The Banyans Specialist Clinics’ multidisciplinary team.

Suzie’s love of food translates to her enthusiasm for helping others to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with nutrition across the lifespan. Her research work, including an award-winning, internationally recognized PhD in child health, and ongoing paediatric neuroscience clinical trials has taught her that it is never too late to make sustainable behaviour changes that have the potential to change your life for the better.

Suzie’s clinical interests include paediatric and adult weight management, disordered and fussy eating, neurodevelopmental and pain disorders, rehabilitation, chronic disease prevention and management, paediatric health, allergies and intolerances, sports nutrition, mental health, mindfulness and group programs (My Health For Life, Diabetes QLD).

Using the Motivational Interviewing technique to undertake nutrition assessment and diagnosis, Suzie strives to support individual-oriented, achievable health goals for her patients and provide realistic strategies that complement each patient’s unique lifestyle.

As a parent of three active and vibrant teenagers, Suzie understands the need to adopt a balanced approach to the demands of work, life, sport and study for her family. She is the first to admit that meeting our nutritional needs throughout life is an evolving work-in-progress.