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Skin Checks


Skin Checks

It is recommended that everyone should have a skin check at least once every year. One in 14 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with a melanoma in their lifetime, and Queenslanders have the highest risk of melanoma in the world.

Skin check appointments can be scheduled with our GPs.

Queensland Health recommends using the ABCDE rule to detect melanoma: 

A – Asymmetrical shape: Spots that lack symmetry.
B – Borders: Spots with an uneven or irregular edge/border.
C – Colour: Blotchy spots with different colours (light and dark brown, black, blue, red, white and grey).
D – Diameter: Spots that increase in size.
E – Evolution: Spots that evolve or change over time in size, shape or colour.

More information regarding skin checks, prevention and early detection of melanoma can be found on the Queensland Health website: