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How often should you visit your GP?

Many people ask us this question, but the answer has so many variables that there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation.

Ask yourself these questions to determine how often you should see your GP:

  • How well are you feeling right now? How have you been feeling over the past few months?
  • How old are you?
    • If you are healthy and under 35 years old, a general check-up with your GP every two to three years is okay.
    • If you are 35-45, and in good health, with no known risk factors, then it is advisable to have a check-up every few years.
    • If you are over 45 years old, an annual check-up is a worthwhile investment of some money and your time. It could save your life!
  • Do you have a chronic disease? If so, you need to see your medical practitioner more often, regardless of age.
  • How is your general health? Have you had a serious disease or illness in the past that needs to be checked?
  • How is your mental health?
    • The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, and people need to be more aware than ever that their mental health may not be as positive as it was a couple of years ago, and that help is available.
    • Our doctors are available to work with you to create a Mental Health Care Plan that can include Anxiety treatment and Depression treatment.
  • When was your blood pressure last checked?
    • One-third of Australian adults, or 33%, have high blood pressure.
    • Males are more likely to be living with hypertension than females (36.2% compared to 31.3%).
    • Prevalence of high blood pressure increases with age, with almost four out of five or 80% of Australian adults living with hypertension by the age of 75 years.
    • Do you know if you are one of these?
  • When did you last check your cholesterol?
    • 1.5 million Australians in 2018 had high cholesterol.
    • High cholesterol effects 21% of people aged 65 years and over.

It’s important to check in regularly with your GP as an inconsistency in general check-ups is one of the leading causes of delayed diagnosis of several illnesses.

The Banyans Medical Centre and Specialists Clinics have doctors and specialists who can provide many services, including Mental Health Care Plans and vaccinations.

Appointments are also available with nutritionists and psychologists.

You can book an appointment with one of our friendly GPs below, and we look forward to seeing you at The Banyans Medical Centre at Bowen Hills soon!