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Dr Leanne Barron

Dr Leanne Barron

General Practitioner


Dr Leanne Barron is a General Practitioner with a special interest in Eating Disorders. Dr Barron works with patients experiencing complex eating concerns and disorders to ensure the safest medically supported recovery journey. She also works with the QUT Eating Disorder Clinic and has been the GP representative to the Qld Eating Disorders Advisory Group since 2013.

In this role, Dr Barron is committed to educating patients, families, other professionals, and the public regarding eating disorders. She regularly presents for the Eating Disorders Association Queensland, and has presented research papers at Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) conferences since 2013.

Dr Barron’s medical experience is diverse and includes treating malnutrition, allergy, adult emergency medicine, and general practice. She has a professional passion for understanding the biochemistry, genetics and microbiology of the human biome. Dr Barron believes that helping individuals and their families to understand medical aspects of their condition is an important part of keeping them medically safe and optimising their recovery.

In her spare time, Dr Barron likes to travel and ski. She also keeps fish, enjoys sewing and reading and is fascinated by biochemistry.